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The Passionate Embrace by Alastair

Recently discovered the illustrator Alastair (full name Baron Hans Henning Voigt) who work is just so exquisite, I love every single piece. He caught my eye because his style reminded me of Aubrey Beardsley - very decadent and ornate. Basically what I want my work to look like but can never seem to achieve! I also love the limited colours he uses, especially the black and orange. This really helped me with my Lord Of The Flies drawings as they are quite earthy colours, which went well with the whole desert island/tribal savage theme. 
A series of savages inspired by The Lord Of The Flies
Advice #3

"The greats weren’t great because at birth they could paint,
The greats were great cause they paint a lot.” 

- Macklemore

A bit weird that my last piece of advice from this year comes from a Macklemore song, but I do love this lyric. To me, it means that you’re not going to become amazing overnight, that it takes work! It also relates to me because I should probably paint more…

My baby! I created a book using my own images on Blurb and it came in the post yesterday. I’m so happy with the result. If you want a copy, send me a cheque for £17! Haha.
Advice #2

Don’t forget why you’re here!

My mum tells me this constantly, but I think she means don’t forget I’m at university to get a degree, not to go out partying all the time! However, I prefer to take it to mean, I’m doing illustration because I love it, and it’s very easy to forget that with the stresses that come with a degree. Either way, it’s good advice - thanks Mum!

Advice #1

Being “well known” isn’t a goal, being “excellent” is!

In a past discussion forum, we wondered what defined someone as being a success, and I believe this sums up my opinion on the matter! (This quote is taken from my Olivia Fraser interview)