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(Kristen Lozano)

Hopes, Fears and Opportunities
Argh, its third year! Better get my head down. This year I hope to build up a strong, professional-looking portfolio of work ready to enter the “real world”; I’ll choose pieces I feel reflect the work I’ll like to be recognised as my style in the industry. To make sure my portfolio is the best it can be, I aim to visit at least two practitioners in the illustration industry, show them my portfolio and get feedback on it, so I can make improvements. Making these contacts may also help post-graduation, as they may act as a platform or starting point for a career. I aim to continue living in Manchester when I graduate, as its more of a hub for creativity and illustrative opportunities than York, where my parents live. I do worry that I’ll have to go back and live there after university, so I’m going to try my hardest not to let that happen. Another thing I worry about is that I won’t be able to cope with the work load that comes with third year, what with building up a portfolio, doing project work and researching for and writing my dissertation. However, I think as my dissertation is based on my interests in the occult, my research for it may inform my practical work, so they both feed into each other. Hopefully, this will happen naturally, but if not, I’ll aim to make it happen! 
Maybe if I manage to achieve all this, and I graduate and get a studio in Manchester, and make lots of money, I can fulfil my ultimate dream of moving to San Francisco, living in Haight Ashbury and doing happy hippie arty things all day. Yay! Fingers crossed.
Tried out a few Aboriginal-esque patterns in my sketchbook and used Photoshop to incorporate them into my figures. Pretty pleased with the effect! I think it looks a bit like body paint. 
Collaged some of my animal drawings onto my Aboriginal figures, and this was the result - a lizard queen and a numbat boy!